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112 Amherst Rd.
Sunderland, MA 01375
Tel: 413-665-1390
FAX: 413-665-1394


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Multimedia Design and Production for the Museum Environment

When exhibit designers and museums hire Monadnock Media for the design and production of multimedia experiences, they are hiring a group of passionate and talented individuals who work in close collaboration with the project team. We bring to the table a genuine interest in content, a real desire to find the most powerful stories and the clearest ways to express complex ideas. We also have the experience and know-how to bring the material to life no matter the multimedia format – high-tech interactives, immersive environments, theatrical experiences, and social media. We use a wide range of technologies and strategies to help present fresh and innovative approaches to storytelling – with Monadnock, you will never see your exhibit at another museum. Above all, working with us will be fun.



Steve Bressler (Director)

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Interactive Multimedia Programs & Exhibits
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